Signal source

As mentioned in the introduction, no modification will be made to the code of the Biosemi2ADC module. If you are using another piece of hardware, please refer to its manual for installation of the acquisition module.

The Biosemi module offers quite a collection of parameters which can be found under the “Source” thumbnail in the configuration window. The most important ones are:

  • SampleBlockSize: Defines the size of each block.
  • SamplingRate: The recording rate, in Hertz. Watch out for the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem. (To preserve a signal up to a certain frequency, the sampling rate must be at least double that frequency)
  • TransmitChList: The channels you want to forward to the filter chain. For instance, the external electrodes (EX) are relayed on channels 233 to 240 (EX1 : 233, EX2 : 234, …, EX8 : 240).

You should also watch out for the number of channels (SourceCh) and their gain/offset.

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