Supervised PhD students

Michal Muszynski, director T. Pun, co-director G. Chanel (2018/12), Recognizing film aesthetics, spectators' affect and aesthetic emotions from multimodal signals.
Severine Cloix, director T. Pun, co-director David Hasler (2017/06), Sparse multi-view 3D computer vision: application to embedded assistive technologies.
Juan Diego Gomez Valencia, director, co-director Guido Bologna, (2014/02), SeeColor: Seeing colors with an orchestra.
Co-Winner of the Prize Fondation Dalle Molle for Quality of Life 2014.
Swiss Latsis University Prize, 2015.
Mohammad Soleymani, director, (2011/11), Implicit and automated emotional tagging of videos.
Guillaume Chanel , director, (2009/07), Emotion assessment for affective computing based on brain and peripheral signals.
Renato Villán Sebastián, co-director, director S. Voloshynovskiy, (2008/05), Authentication of electronic and printed text documents.
Emre Topak, co-director, director S. Voloshynovskiy, (2007/03), Information-theoretic performance and security analysis of geometrically structured data-hiding codes.
Bruno Janvier, co-director, director S. Marchand-Maillet, (2007/01), Toward automatic semantic multimedia structuring and retrieval.
Julien Kronegg, director, (2006/09), Mesure et optimisation des performances pour une interface de communication neuronale.
José Vila Forcen, director, codirector S. Voloshynovskiy, (2006/04), Digital data-hiding based identification systems.
Serge Kosinov, director, codirector S. Marchand-Maillet, (2005/12), Machine learning approach to semantic augmentation of multimedia databases for efficient access and retrieval.
Nicolas Moënne-Loccoz, director, codirector S. Marchand-Maillet, (2005/12), Dynamique des composantes visuelles pour la gestion de documents video par le contenu.
Teodor Iulian Alecu, director, (2005/12), Robust focalized brain activity reconstruction using electroencephalograms.
Oleksiy Koval, director, codirector S. Voloshynovskiy, (2004/09), Stochastic image modeling in data hiding applications.
Frédéric Deguillaume, director, (2002/10), Hybrid robust watermarking and tamperproofing of visual media.
Patrick Roth, director, (2002/09), Représentation multimodale d’images digitales dans des systèmes informatiques multimédias pour utilisateurs non-voyants. Swiss Latsis University Prize, 2004.
Henning Müller, director, (2002/06), User interaction and evaluation in content-based visual information retrieval.
Lori Petrucci, director, (2001/12), Accessibilité universelle aux autoroutes de l’information: WebSound, une plate-forme multimodale pour internautes aveugles et malvoyants.
Wolfgang Müller, director, (2001/09), Design and implementation of a flexible Content-Based Image Retrieval framework: The GNU image finding tool.
Shelby Pereira, director, (2000/06), Robust digital image watermarking.
Serguei Startchik, director, (1998/07), Geometric and illumination invariant object representation: application to content-based image retrieval.
Christian Rauber, director, (1998/03), Acquisition, archivage et recherche de documents accessibles par le contenu: application à la gestion d’une base de données d’images de filigranes.
Sylvia Gil, director, (1997/07), Robust object tracking in video sequences by integration of multiple visual features.
Jean-Marc Bost, director, (1993/12), Active search for visual indexing in cluttered environments: from relevance to delays.
Ruggero Milanese, director, (1993/12), Detecting salient regions in an image: from biological evidence to computer implementation. Fritz Kutter Swiss Prize from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, 1994.
Alain Jacot-Descombes, director, (1993/11), Groupage perceptuel asynchrone pour la compréhension qualitative d’images: des contours aux primitives génériques.
Pierre-Yves Burgi, director, (1992/04), Understanding the early human visual system through modeling and temporal analysis of neuronal structures.